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ANOTHER CuteKid Booked Lord & Taylor Fashion Show!

This time from Northbrook, Illinois, Kaylyn, age 9 got chosen for the event for the Lord & Taylor’s Back to School Fashion Show!

Kaylyn Slevin Full Length

Great job, Kaylyn!

As most of the Cute Kids members might know, this fabulous casting call has resulted in a huge response with almost 100 comments from proud Cute Kid moms.

As Kaylyn’s mom, Kristyn says,

“Kaylyn booked Lord & Taylor runway show at Northbrook in IL!! Thanks so much for advertising the casting!!!!!”

We can’t wait to hear more awesome news to come from Kaylyn!

Stay tuned!! -The Cute Kid Casting Team will continue trying and getting members great opportunities out there!


  • Petula | August 10, 2010

    What a fabulous opportunity for such a gorgeous sweetie. Looks like she’s having fun too! :-)

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