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CuteKid Kaden was in NY Times Ad

Kaden modeled as the next Tommy Hilfiger in the “Autism Speaks” Ad

featured in the New York Times


Do you remember our CuteKid Kaden? We featured him in a spotlight for his success last summer!

You can clearly see his progress already since he entered this industry, and now his mom got back to us with amazing news. Not only did Kayden get representation from his local agency, Dazzling Starts Management, he got booked for a photoshoot to portray Tommy Hilfiger at a benefit event for Autism awareness through Nation’s Top Child Photographer, Jade Albert.

About the cause and stories behind the scene is also posted HERE.

Kayden’s mom, Alex is excited! She says:

Kaden Izarry“Kayden has been a VIP member for almost a year now, and again The Cute Kid’s resource center is KEY, along with submitting the right photos. Jade Albert was WONDERFUL with Kaden when he did his first shoot, and she loved his ability to take direction so well that she submitted him for this particular Ad. Again it all started with a picture and great site called The CuteKid. Thank you all so much.”

You are looking amazing, Kaden. Congratulations on your first major print job, and we can’t wait to see what’s coming next from you!



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