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Success: Jazmyn Walks the Runway Show in NYC

VIP Member gets selected to walk the runway in NYC

Jazmyn Fash show1

VIP Jazmyn is a sassy 6 year old girl with wavy long hair. She is very energetic and has a personality that lights up the stage. She was selected to attend the casting in New York City for Kids Fashion Show because she is a VIP member and got priority to be seen first. 

As imagined, Jazmyn strut the runway like a pro with her confident smiles.


Jazmyn fash


Photo: @Kidsfashionweek / Instagram

Evelyn, Jazmyn’s mom says:

“Thanks for the opportunity Jazmyn was given. We are also excited Jazmyn did a music video with artist Miesa which should come out soon. Another cute kid was in it too.  It’s very exciting for sure!”


Thanks Evelyn for letting us know about her success, and it is exciting to see what’s more to come from Jazmyn!





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