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The CuteKid Was on WABC – Eyewitness News

Not only a professional photo shoot with a celebrity photographer but the VIP Kids Club members also got the rare experience of being on a network TV segment with WABC!!


VIP Kids Club members receive elevated visibility and access to endless industry professionals who are looking for new faces. This special gig featured VIP members who will be used in future CuteKid advertising materials, online on our site, in our mailings to members and in upcoming CuteKid promotional material. Such a great way to boost your resume!

The great story doesn’t stop there –

The CuteKid hit the airwaves on WABC!!


[Click here to view YouTube Clip on News Segment]

ABC Eyewitness News is the highest-rated local news show in the entire country! In a unique piece on the modeling business, The CuteKid’s Casting Team & VIP Kids Club Director, Judy Goss, talked about the safe & effective way to get your baby or child into the modeling world & how to avoid scams in the industry. The news anchors let everyone know how The CuteKid is a safe & respected site for parents!

Some CuteKid moms & dads were featured & raved about their experiences with The CuteKid and how their kids’ careers took off…thanks to our resources!



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