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The CuteKid Was on WABC – Eyewitness News!

Super exciting TV news!

Last week The CuteKid hit the airwaves on WABC’s NY Eyewitness News, the highest-rated local news show in the entire country!
In a unique piece on the modeling business, The CuteKid’s Casting Team & VIP Kids Club Director, Judy Goss, talked about the safe & effective way to get your baby or child into the modeling world & how to avoid scams in the industry. The news anchors let everyone know how The CuteKid is a safe & respected site for parents!

Some CuteKid moms & dads were features & raved about their experiences with The CuteKid & how their kids’ careers took off… thanks to our resources! Get your kid seen for the next major opportunity! All it takes is a fresh photo.

A bunch of specially selected CuteKid models starred in a pro photo shoot with a celeb photographer for CuteKid ads! We featured this casting last month & recently uploaded photos & our VIP members had casting priority. Check out the VIP Kids Club & see where it takes your child.

See the news segment.


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