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10 Baby Modeling Tips – Things to Know to Help Your Baby Succeed

A lot of people think their baby has what it takes to make it as a baby model. Not all of them can be, and it can be devastating to a parent when their child is turned down. Here are 10 baby modeling tips to help ensure that your child can become a successful baby model. First, you need to find a reputable modeling agency. There are a lot of agencies that only care about lining their pockets, even if means scamming you out of money. Make sure to do research about a company beforehand and read those contracts very carefully before signing.

Other baby modeling tips deal with photos. In the world of baby modeling, there is no point in having professional photos taken to show what your baby looks since their looks change so rapidly. Taking a picture at home will do just fine, as long your baby is shown clearly. Also, make sure the child enjoys it. Sure, the parent is going to love making money on the side, but be sure the child is reacting positively to the experience. If you are rejected, and you will be at some point, be sure to handle it gracefully. No agency will guarantee that they can find work for your baby, and you should not take it personally if your child is not chosen for a job.

Some other baby modeling tips include things like knowing what exactly agencies are looking for when choosing babies to represent. Only around 20% of applicants are chosen to be represented and even some of those will not be selected for modeling gigs. Modeling agencies do not just pick the prettiest or cutest looking baby. They may have a certain look they are going for, but that does not always mean the best looking baby. Looks only account for a small part of it. Other things like the baby’s temperament, attitude, behavior, personality, size and availability are always taken into consideration too.

The last of the baby modeling tips involves not falling for a scam. Many modeling companies will try to take advantage of you and your desire to have a baby model. Know that legitimate agencies make their money from commission, meaning that they only get paid when they find a gig for your baby. Never pay any kind of upfront fee, professional photo fee, or any kind of fee for things like test pictures. Also, never hand out money to scammers in malls claiming to be a talent scout for an agency.


  • Judy N Figueroa | February 19, 2010

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    For more info you can find me on facebook,myspace or email me.
    I will love to make you kid look pretty that ever…..
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  • teresa smith | March 14, 2010

    with all the information that was provided above for us about scams why was there a charge on your website to submit babies photos for the cute kid contest

  • jcl | March 18, 2010

    I agree with Teresa Smith’s question of concern above posted 03-14-10… It is clearly quoted in your article above about modeling tips that there is no fee, “It’s FREE to join and become a member and reem the rewards.” yet there is a catch in step 3 (after you submit the photos) THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY $19.95 for a registration fee. Please advise as it is of great concern now of a scam here and if all of your so called winners, prizes and model agencies are real.

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