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15 Reasons Why We Cast You!

With input from Casting Directors Christy Faison (on air HBO series, “Boss”), Jami Rudofsky (“Gilmore Girls,” “Masters of Sex” w/Risa), and Brennan du Fresne Schulweis (“CSI:NY,” “Spider-man”), Risa has put together a list of helpful casting advice for

cutekid casting models

Check out some of Risa’s collaborated casting tips:

1. You’re talented. You’ve shown that over and over again. In a play, a short film, a guest role, in class, a workshop… or any combo of the above.

2. You know somebody. Yes that does impact decisions. The good news is, you might know the casting director, the associate, the producer, director, writer… The more working relationships you develop in the industry, the more likely you’ll keep working with your colleagues again. That said, you still have to bring your talent, preparation, and individuality into the room.

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