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6 Tips for Taking Memorable Baby Photos

6 Tips for Taking Memorable Baby Photos

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Every baby is cute and can be the subject of a good photo. But there professional photographer tricks and tips you can use to take your baby’s pictures from good to great!

1. Get down to Baby’s level. Baby photos look the best when your subject is photographed straight on and the image is full of baby, not background. It is helpful to kneel down to the child’s level and move in close to take the best possible baby photo. Pictures taken from above don’t compliment the baby’s expressions or appearance. Photos taken from Baby’s eye level look much more like the baby you know and love. And moving in close (or zooming in) means more baby and less background.

2. Make sure baby has plenty of rest. A tired baby is a crabby baby. A baby’s moods can change in an instant, so catching baby in a good mood can be harder than it may seem. Children in general, and babies especially, tend to act grumpy and temperamental when they are tired, hungry, or bored. If possible, only take pictures of your little one when she is well rested, recently fed and amused.

3. Babies move around a lot and are faster than you think. If your camera has manual controls, choosing a fast shutter speed can help freeze the action. Using a flash can also help provide sharp images, especially indoors. If you are planning to buy a digital camera, look for one that offers image stabilization and face recognition focusing. Both features are increasingly common even in budget-priced models.

4. Let sleeping babies lie. Sleeping baby photos often wind up being favored by parents and grandparents. And why not? That angelic look! The oddball positions! The fact that they usually won’t turn their away just as a good shot is lined up — all make for adorable baby photos.

5. Take advantage of your digital camera. Don’t wonder if you got the shot. Learn how to review your photos on the camera. And when you’re done, make it a habit to send your best shots to friends, relatives or a web-based photo storage site.

6. Finally, have fun with baby when you’re taking her picture. Spend your time playing with her and trying to make her laugh, but don’t force it. You can be assured she will almost always be doing something that you will want to record, so it is important to try to keep your camera with you at all times. Remember, the best and cutest baby photo opportunities will come when you least expect them. So enjoy your baby and try to capture as many candid moments as you can.

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