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How do you know if a modeling agency is legit?

Do your research!!

Find out if your state requires modeling agencies to have a license, and if they do, ask to see it.

Also, go on the Better Business Bureau website to see if there are any complaints, as well as the Bureau of Consumer Protection.

Finally, if they are trying to charge you an upfront fee, that should be the biggest warning sign.

Has anyone ever had a bad experience with a company? Or a question about a company that claims to be legitimate, but something just doesn’t seem right?


  • Angela DiMauro | March 27, 2009

    Hi everyone. Judy just wanted to know we had my son take pictures with Inerface here in CT. They charged us $700 or more. Then when we got back to see when they would start sending out his photos and they said to join their marketing co. we would have to pay $1800. That would include them taking updated pictures over the next yr and having him listed on their web site where agency’s look for info on the kids. They are not an agency they are a marketing co. Do you think this is worth it?

  • betty | March 27, 2009

    my daughter Judy is 19yrs.old,she graduated from Barbizon in 2008 and they said they were going to have agencies at graduation and would let us know if any agents were interested in her.Well 2wks.later she recieved a letter stating an agency was interested in her ,come to find out it was owned buy the same people and we signed for 1 yr.exclusive.We had to pay 1600.00 for the school and 500.00 for pictures and then we were going to have to pay for convention around 800.00 to have national talent agencies to see her,we have barely made any money back and I am frustrated about the whole thing.She gets invitations from other agencies,but they want her to go to weekend classes for another amount,so Im just now finding ouy about you to ask questions,is all of this legite-thanks Betty

  • judy | March 30, 2009

    Dear Angela,

    You can do EVERYTHING that that “marketing” company will do – and more!! For FREE!!!

    We have had agents pull kids off of for representation and work – so stick with CuteKid website, it’s safe and legitimate, and we’re coming up with more opportunities than ever for people like you.

    As far as finding an agency, you need to find modeling/acting agencies in the NYC area because you will have to go back and forth to the city for castings. I don’t know how old your child is, but if he/she is under the age of 4 years most talent agencies won’t take on children that young (SOME modeling agencies will).

    Start sending your pictures into Ford, Wilhelmina, CESD Talent, Abrams Artists, Generations, Funny Face Today and there are more – just Google, find out if they represent kids, and market away!!

    Let me know what happens!!

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