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How to Get Work on Broadway- Is Your Child a Triple Threat?

There are shows where kids do not need to be a Triple Threat (singer, dancer, actor) but most shows are looking for those select kids who can do it all and do it well!
This does not mean just adequate in any of the talents. Children must be a “10” as a singer, as a dancer and as an actor. Training is vital and the training must be the best. A great vocal coach (one that has Broadway experience or credentials) is a must. The same for dance. Performing on Broadway is a full time career so make sure, as a family, you are willing to pack up and move to New York! Of course, there are other avenues of work in NYC – commercials, print and television!
Compared to commercial acting or print work – making it on Broadway is perhaps the most difficult to accomplish.
So how can you help get your child ready for Broadway if he or she has natural ability? First find a GREAT vocal coach. This should be someone who is very familiar with Broadway performance. This person must also know how to work with children. Over straining young vocal chords can be very damaging! Now find a great dance teacher. Ballet is the basis of all dance and I would recommend several years of ballet before starting jazz and or tap. Your child should be fundamentally strong in all three areas of dance. An acting coach is also a must and he/she must be a coach that is experienced in stage acting. Stage acting is very different from commercial or film/television acting!
Start out by having your child audition for every stage production in your local area. This can be everything from the recitals put on by the teacher/school to community theatre to legit theatre depending on your area. Many Broadway shows use “local” hires when they travel and this is an excellent opportunity for your child to be in a professional production without leaving your area.
When you think your child is ready to make a try at Broadway – find representation! If you are not in the greater NYC area, find representation that handles Broadway actors. Many managers in the larger metro areas, have access to the audition notices for Broadway and can submit your child via a taped audition. Just be aware that should the producer/director want to see your child (unless they are a star), the cost of traveling to NYC (including transportation, meals, hotel) will be your responsibility.
Unlike Los Angeles, in NYC, auditions are publicized and easily attainable even without representation. But again I will say find representation! Trying to make it in this industry without representation is frustrating and can even be dangerous!

Good luck!


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