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Winning Advice for Beautiful Baby Contests

Winning Advice for Beautiful Baby Contests

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Baby beauty contests and pageants are a fixture in the media and on the contest circuit. Although all parents believe their babies are beautiful, only one can win the crown. The good news? There are plenty of pageants and contests to choose from. If you’re thinking of entering your child in a baby beauty pageant or contest, here’s what to keep in mind.


4 key rules

1)  Have a few good photos of your baby to submit. If you are good with a camera, you can take all types of photos in many different poses and outfits. Snap pictures of the baby in various settings, such as in the yard, in the crib, in the play area or anywhere else he or she spends time.

2)  Scout out leads at local baby and toddler stores. You’ll find announcements of pageants, sweepstakes and contests to enter. Look on the packaging of baby goods for new and exciting types of contests. An online search for terms such as baby contest, baby photos and baby pageant should bring up multiple listings as well.

3) Most pageants are for babies under 1 year old, but read the rules—sometimes the age cutoff is higher.

4) Prizes depend on the particular contest or pageant you are entering. Those for national contests usually are bigger and better. But even small pageants, run by local malls, newspapers, magazines or hospitals, can offer prizes worth the effort: a savings bond, toys or perhaps a trip for the parents. Some baby beauty pageants award scholarships and future college funding to winners.


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