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Announcing The Cutest Twins of 2013

Congrats to the Cutest Twins of 2013…
Caleb and Matthew from Michigan!



Caleb and Matthew won college savings bonds and free canvas of any size!

The twins have been members of the CuteKid since they were 2 years old, and their family is very excited about their winning! Elizabeth, proud parent of the twin boys says:

“WOW!  Thank you!!!  How exciting!!! We first learned of the Cute Kid contests when the boys were about two years old.  To be honest, I love searching for the free entry codes on Friday and sifting through all of the adorable pictures- when I get lucky and find one it’s exciting to be able to enter the boys!  I always enter them together in the multiples contest because there is just no way we could choose one over the other!

Caleb and Matthew are the most wonderful little boys- they have the best sense of humor and they are both full of personality.  They are truly best friends and being blessed with twins has been more amazing than we ever could have dreamed of!! The boys are obsessed with Legos and architecture, which has been incredible because we are currently living in New York City while they are filming their first lead role in a movie.  They have loved being in the big city and seeing so many of their favorite buildings.  When they are on set they take a giant bag of Legos to play with in between scenes.  They have truly loved filming for the last four weeks- it is a really exciting time for them!  They have learned so much from some amazingly talented actors and from living in the big city.  Caleb and Matthew are adventurous little boys and we couldn’t be more proud of them!

THANK YOU AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!”

Congrats Caleb and Matthew – we are honored to award you the title of the Cutest Twins of 2013!

2014 is going to be our biggest year yet. Be a part of the CuteKid craze!

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Photo credit: Meredith Keith


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