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CuteKids & Deborah Cox in


As people are getting ready for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in NY, lets step back a bit to an event that took place during the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Miami, FL.

We held a photo shoot theld at The Epic Hotel Miami, FL., which featured singer Deborah Cox and twelve cute kid winners from South Florida. The purpose of the shoot was to not only help promote Deborah’s up and coming role as Josephine Baker next year on Broadway, but also to recreate Josephine’s famous “Rainbow Tribe” of children. 12 CuteKids selected by Deborah &  our team went to Miami for a pro photo shoot with a celeb photographer & stylist. The kids personally met Deborah Cox! The photos will be featured in the Fall 2011 issue of VAINSTYLE, which debuts during NYC Fashion Week & there will be online footage as well.

Judy Goss, who is the Casting Team Director, stated that she felt after being in the industry for so long as a model, agent, author, and now entrepreneur in the business it was only right to take on a role with the company since it is her passion. “It was a way to get legitimate in the business. The company works constantly full-time proposing kids in agencies around the country,” said Goss.


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