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Brad Pitt's Ghoulish Get-Up

As much as I adore New York City, when you combine it with my favorite holiday, Halloween (yes, that’s right, Halloween!) you have one spooktacular night in full effect! Imagine, however, being an actor. You get paid big bucks to dress in costume and assume someone else’s persona day after day!

And when you’re an A-lister like Brad Pitt and have six children, well, dressing up on Halloween is simply a no-brainer. That’s right: the father of six kids, along with partner Angelina Jolie, went trick-or-treating old-style. They went to a residential neighborhood near the Hollywood Hills and were not to be missed!

That’s ’cause he wore a high-octane orange jumpsuit and put beads in his beard in order to impersonate DJ Lance Rock. The DJ is the host of Nick, Jr.’s show, Yo Gabba Gabba!

If imitation is the highest form of flattery, DJ Lance Rock couldn’t have been more thrilled. He told, “Brad Pitt looked AWESOME in my costume!” He also invited the Jolie-Pitts to hang in his ‘hood. “If he, Angelina and the kids want to come hang out in Gabba land, they’re welcome anytime!”

Nevertheless, Halloween always seems to be a festive time of year. As fun as it was to see the Pittster in costume, did you have a fave celebrity costume this year? Perhaps someone you know actually dressed up as Jolie or Pitt?


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