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Oprah’s Search for Talented Kids

Oprah’s Search for the World’s Smartest and Most Talented Kids

Oprah is searching for smart and talented kids from all over the world! You heard right… Oprah’s looking for talented kids! If your child or baby has a special gift, you should head over to Oprah’s Search for Talented Kids Website and Upload videos of your cute kid… you never know! Putting your talented kid in front of millions of viewers could be the start of a great entertainment career for your talented kid – thanks to Oprah’s search for the world’s smartest and most talented kids.

You can visit Oprah’s Talented Kids website here and upload your own talented home videos today.

If your child is talented, I would upload a video… Oprah’s search for talented kids because it could really put your child or baby into the spotlight… just like theCuteKid baby photo contest. It’s an amazing opportunity for parents looking to get their children into baby modeling, acting, singing, dancing, or just a career in the entertainment industry – Thanks Oprah!

Oprah’s Search for Talented Kids – Direct Quote:

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On September 9, 2008, Oprah started her search for the world’s smartest and most talented kids. From Thailand to New York, super-proud parents from all over the world logged on to and posted videos of their talented children. “All in all, thousands of talented kids shared their own special talent & genius,” Oprah says…

Hundreds of dancers, singers and musicians shared their talent, while a few unique acts stood-out from the typical talented kids. Oprah saw one talented kid who could play the one piano while standing backward, as well as aspiring Elvis impersonators. One of Oprah’s talented kids even reenacted Oprah’s outstanding monologue from The Color Purple!

After reviewing thousands of Oprah’s talented kid entries, Oprah and her panel chose a few to perform for millions of viewers. “These kids are going to blow you away,” Oprah says. “Together they’re going to dance and sing and hula and bend their way into your hearts.”

Here’s a kid who performed on Oprah’s talented kid search:

This young performed on Oprah’s search for the world’s smartest and most talented kids developed his moves  after seeing the movie “You Got Served“, Jalen, a 7-year-old from Seattle, has decided to teach himself to break-dance – what a great job.

Jalen gets the crowd pumped up by performing flips, flares and spins. Many of the moves are done as Jalen balances on his head, which he protects with a thick, black hat.

“Great job!” Oprah says. “Thank you, Jalen.”

thecutekid photo contest

  • natalie | May 29, 2009

    my kid is a great singer she looks like a cute girl but a powerful voice i can tell you she can be the best kid singer in the world.

  • natalie | May 29, 2009

    oh i just found out that she does not want to

  • Sandra offei | May 27, 2010

    dear Oprah my name is Sandra from Ghana in the western part of Africa i and my parents were living in south Africa but because of the war which was fought in south Africa i lost my parents and i was brought back to my country Ghana and the very day i came to Ghana i lost my uncle whom which i taught she will take care of me so now is left with my aunty whom now am staying with and he also does not have money to take care of me and i want you to help me because i have a talent of singing and acting so i want you to help me bring out my talent in me so i will like you to introduce me into the talented kids Programme so that i can achieve my goal and bring out the talent in me and also help my poor aunty i hope you will help me get into it thank you from Sandra the little poor orphan

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