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5 Top Behind-the-Scenes Studio Tours

Get the star treatment

Ever wonder how movies and TV shows are made? Discover production secrets and visit famous sets on a behind-the-scenes tour at a working studio. You’ll get the star treatment and maybe even see a celeb or two at these five studios. Wear good walking shoes and put on your best smile — you never know who you’ll meet.

behind the scenes tours

Warner Bros. VIP Tour, Burbank

With actual filming and production all around, guides take you to the action on this two-hour-and-15-minute tram and walking tour. The Ellen DeGeneres Show and The Big Bang Theory are among many shows taped at Warner Bros. Visit the historic back lot, sets, craft shops, and costume departments. Learn how production designers use a variety of props to transform a soundstage into a futuristic space station, Midwestern farmhouse, or whatever is needed.

Fun Tip: Take a photo that places you in your favorite WB movie with the magic of Green Screen.

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