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A Fun and Unique Baby Shower Game

‘Guess Who?’ Baby Shower Game

This is a fun activity that involves everyone at the shower. The object of the game is for each player to identify correctly to whom each baby photo belongs.

  • On the invites, ask each guest to bring a baby photo of herself to the shower.
  • Decorate poster board or foam board for the baby shower. (The number of guests will determine if you need more than one board.)
  • Use wrapping paper, construction paper, markers, etc. Get creative!
  • Create a master list as your guests arrive. Number a sheet of paper and assign each photo a number.
  • Mark the back of each photo with a post-it of the guest’s name. (You want to return the photos in the condition you received them so writing on them is not an option.)
  • Post each photo on the board with a number next to it (not on it).
  • Use scrap booking photo corners to post the photos so you can return them in good condition.
  • When the time comes to play the game, give each guest a sheet containing a list of numbers. (You can create a decorative sheet of paper using clip art in Microsoft Word.)
  • Have guests guess write the name of the guest next to the number of the baby photo on their answer sheet. (If guests don’t know each other’s first names,  give out adhesive name tags to each guest as she arrives)

The winner is the person who has the most correct answers. This activity is better for smaller showers. The more guests you have the more preparation you have to do.


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