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Tips to Win Baby Casting Calls – How to Get Your Baby Ahead of the Pack

Let’s face it.  Babies are cute.  Some people have even learned that they can put that cuteness to good use by having their child become a baby model or a baby actor.  Now, some may think this is not right.  They may feel it is very wrong to profit off of your child and that you treating them as a source of income and not like a family member.  While their intentions are noble, millions of people who take their children to baby casting calls all the time simply do not agree.  There are very strict rules and regulations in place to protect the kids from anything that could remotely be considered harmful.  Plus, in this economy, who couldn’t use some extra money?  Everyone should be thankful if their kid can start making money to help out the family before age 16.

If you decide to take your child to participate in baby casting calls, here are some tips from those who work in the industry.  First, know that legitimate agencies do not accept every single applicant.  They only want the ones that have a real shot of being used for acting or modeling gigs.  When people hire babies for these jobs, they are looking for a certain look, size, personality and availability.  Part of their availability falls on you, the parent, as a parent needs to be present for whatever gig their baby lands.  There are rarely times when people do baby modeling or acting jobs on weekends, so you will need to schedule your time through the week accordingly.

Another tip for winning at baby casting calls is to know that work offered for infants is very infrequent.  This is due to the fact that infants are constantly changing on a day to day basis.  Usually jobs for infants come up right before holidays, like Christmas and Easter.

While the people who hire babies at baby casting calls do take things like looks into consideration, they are not just after the best looking baby.  You shouldn’t think of this as a beauty pageant, because it isn’t.  They might want a certain look, but that doesn’t always mean the prettiest.  They also look at your baby’s temperament, how they behave, their personality, their talent, as mentioned above, their availability.  If you want any real shot at your baby having a successful acting or modeling career, the really good opportunities are most often found in New York and Los Angeles, and occasionally in Tokyo and Paris.


  • monick whitehead | February 20, 2010

    my baby is the cutekid for the year 2010

  • JB SINGH | January 26, 2011

    any thing/idea/thought or concept what soever should be brought through LOVE will be accepted by the KIDS because kids do not know good or bad in very begining.. love is a force by which we can pass information/ knowledge and values..

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