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“It is such an amazing feeling to have your children recognized for their adorable good looks! I’m partial but have to agree! This would be the boys 4th time winning! So… For those who have ever questioned submitting a photo to The Cute Kids it is worth the time and small fee! My little fellas are proof that The Cute Kids does work!”

Lynn, Mom of Anthony & Aiden (CuteKid Multiples Winners)


“The Cute Kid has been a great way to get our son into modeling. I am a top talent manager for adults and beyond impressed by how The Cute Kid is directing good care and the right spotlight to all those beautiful kids in America. Our son just shot for the cover of National Geographic Magazine and our regular shoots for the monthly Cute Kid Contests is what made him not just a cute kid but a happy savvy baby model. Thank you Cute Kid for all that you do! We love the CuteKid and as an industry insider and responsible mom I recommend it to all our friends with kids

Nadja, Mom of Alex (Toddler Winner)


“WE LOVE THE CUTE KID!!!!  We submit almost every month!  We have done a couple of castings with you guys and think you are just the BEST!!!! We will continue to be your BIGGEST fans!!  We are thrilled and honored you chose us as the Big Kid and Overall Winner!  We rate you guys right at the very TOP!!”

Melissa, Mom of Dakota (February Big Kid & Overall Winner)


“I am extremely thankful and grateful for all the help, guidance and opportunities…the CuteKid Team…[has] given her. Because of their trust…she [has become] more confident. She was so happy. She is so proud of being part of the VIP Club. If it wasn’t for the CuteKid site…she could not have gone this far. It took a year for her but “GOOD THINGS DO HAPPEN TO THOSE WHO PATIENTLY WAIT. Again, thank you so very much. As I always say, The CuteKid is the BEST.”

Margie, Mom of Kaycee (New York)


“The Cute Kid is a fantastic network for reputable agencies and adorable kids to connect- no matter where you live! As an Agent, the Cute Kid Casting Team epitomize professionalism and their operations are well-organized and comply with industry standards. I’ve already recommended the Cute Kid to other industry professionals!”

Chas Thompson, Kids Division at Option Model & Media, Portland, Oregon


“Thank you so much for all of your help. Kenny was able to be a part of the NYC Kids Petite parade fashion show all thanks to you. I have taken advantage of the CuteKid VIP resources, and it has taken me a long way…Kenny has been signed by Nouveaux Talent. Kenny recently received a call to audition for the movie “The Butler” to play Oprah Whitney and Forest Whitaker’s [son]. The entire family was so excited–just for him to be considered was amazing. Thank you CuteKid. Without your site, it would be a lot harder for children to have such epic opportunities. I know this is only the beginning for Kenny!…I tell him every day, the sky’s the limit!”

Tanaisha, Mom of Kenny (New York)


“After going to several different agencies and not knowing what was right or wrong, finding the CuteKid was the best thing that could have happened to us. You guys helped me to distinguish between a reputable agency an one that just wanted money or to try to take advantage of me because of my lack of knowledge about the industry. My daughter loved the test photoshoot with the agency and we cant wait to book her first job! Thanks CuteKid for all your help. We’ve been with you guys since she was born. WE LOVE THE CUTEKID!”

Britney, Mom of Nylah (Florida)


“We are very grateful and excited to be a member of the CuteKid and VIP Kids Club. I got lots of information from this site and the Casting Team members were very supportive and kind. Since I registered for the CuteKid, I paid more attention to Natasha’s character and her beauty, and I realize that this site is not just about winning the prizes, but its about how to pay attention to our kids, to find out their talent, and to help their dreams come true.  The CuteKid gives us lots of opportunities. We are two proud  parents wishing for only the best for Natasha’s future and her success.”

Angel, Mom of Natasha (Quebec, Canada)


I will always be grateful to CuteKid and the Casting Team.  They went above and beyond to get Jazzy noticed and since joining VIP last year Jazzy has done an ad for Bealls, a commercial for Snap on Feathers and recently a Parenting Magazine photo shoot!! CuteKid makes it so easy, and I knew I was getting honest advice from people who really do care.  I owe all these amazing opportunities to CuteKid.  Jazzy is having the time of her life!”

Vickie, Mom of Jasmyne


Signing with the VIP kids club was a great decision for my daughter and I! I had debated about it for some time, and figured why not give it a go as they offer a trial period.  VERY SMART move! Marley is now signed with Caryn Model and Talent Management!  The resources, info, and team reps are so beneficial. I had questions for my rep and they were answered immediately with helpful,  thorough information. I love the VIP Kids club and feel that all parents should try it out! Thank you CuteKid/VIP Kids Club!!”

Beverly, Mom of Marley (Minnesota)


The has been loads of fun for me and my husband; we enjoy picking out which pictures to use in the contest each month! I also love the VIP experience because the resources provided have been incredibly valuable. We’ve decided to continue with the VIP account, and we’re hoping this leads to even greater exposure for Ryan. I have to say the VIP Kids Club’s format is such a nicer platform than others’. Thank you again the CuteKid for starting us down this path and we hope that this lands Ryan a few jobs in the future.”

Jessica, Ryan’s Mom